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Race Report 2008

Peter Best Insurance Championship Awards 6th December 2008

in the Peter Best Insurance Championship 2008

We travelled down to Milton Keynes for the Peter Best Insurance championship presentations. After a very hard fought season we have finished second in class B for road going modified cars. Once again we were behind the championship winner we will just have to try harder next year, which starts on April 4th at Donnington Park.

I would like to thank my sponsors Revolution Recruitment, B T Tyres and Stanbridge Motors all of Rugby. Also Entune 2000 from Bolton.

If anybody would like to sponsor the car next year please get in touch.


Snetterton 4th/5th October 2008


This is the last racing report of the season, we were racing at Snetterton last weekend 4th/5th October . We were in two Peter Best championship races and a four hour relay race that we won last year.

After the problem at Croft with the core plug I spent all week with my friend Paul getting the engine out and drilling the backplate and putting a bolt on the core plug to ensure that it didn't pop out again.

As usual we  were racing against the clock and we just finished on Thursday night ready to travel the next day.

 Saturday was very cold and windy putting Paul’s tent up on Friday night was  very interesting we tied it to the fence as that was the only thing that couldn't blow away.

Practice went well and as I had a possibility of coming first in class  I gave it my all unfortunately on two laps it was too much as when I exited Coram curve the track went to the right and I went straight on along the grass finally coming to a halt at Russels hairpin and next lap I made a mess of the Esses flying over the rumble strip onto the grass and then finally back onto the track, it was a change of underpants time.

After a quick repair to the front spoiler after our off track experience and our usual lecture from the headmaster or clerk of the course as is his official name it was time to race. I had qualified 7th on the grid and fourth in class but I only had to finish in front of Pat Fenn twice to come first in class. As the lights went out I had a good start and held my place into the first corner there  was a blue MGB that had out qualified me by 6 thousands of a second and I was on his tail and we went into the second lap I made a dive on his inside at Riches corner and out braked him and just passed him and for once did not make a mess of it at the next Corner Sears I was up to sixth  but I had two MGB V8s breathing down my exhaust pipe, I tried to be defensive and fight them off but it was a losing battle and they both passed me putting me back to 8th but I was still in front of my rival. I kept looking in my mirrors for any sign but as I crossed the line I was in 8th overall and 5th in class and was leading the class.

At about 7pm it started to rain and never stopped with a months worth of rain falling, consequently the racing was canceled on Sunday morning .

       Subject to official confirmation  I have finished 1st in class B

I would like to thank my sponsors  Entune 2000 of Bolton who build the engine. Revolution Recruitment, BT Tyres and Stanbridge Motors all from Rugby who support me. All of the pit crew and all of the people who have helped me and all the marshals who keep us safe and work in all weathers.


The new season starts at the end of March hopefully we will be ready but don't count on it.

         take care Peter


Croft 27th/28th September 2008

The  of weekend 27th/28th of September Team Slap My Top were racing at Croft near Darlington. This was the last round of the MG Cockshoot cup, and I had to finish both races in front of Alan Bates to finish second in class behind Mike Peters. Unfortunately Alan had blown his engine up in practice on Friday but there were other rivals.

If you are not a regular listener to the Alex Lester show, there was a marshal who told us of the basic rule, if they are eating a scotch egg the car spins, if it's a pork pie the car crashes. Well I don't know what they were eating at Tower corner but it worked.

We arrived Saturday morning in order to practice last thing on Saturday and have two races on Sunday. Having got the car prepared I went for a snooze in the camper to be woken about five minutes before I was due on the track the team thought it was most amusing seeing me get changed in a panic.

The practice session went well  with no  food moments and I was placed 3rd on the grid behind two Midgets.

Soon it was time to race,  as we were going around the track on the green flag lap, it was noticed that there was oil coming from the car that was on pole position, Oh dear I thought what bad luck or words to that effect, he pulled in and I was up one place. I had a clear run in front of me and I had a good start, I was level with the car in front of me but could not pass him, I carried on slipstreaming him up to Tower and through the Jim Clark esses, as we approached the complex I dived in the inside, drew level but could not pass. Back behind him and as we were going into Tower for the second time I saw in my mirror white smoke coming from my car, and before I could react to add insult to injury it sent me into a spin and I was half on the track in a dangerous position as the engine had died on me. My first thought was that it was oil  but in fact it was coolant that had hit the exhaust and sent out the white smoke. I wish I knew

Back in the paddock after changing all the hoses we discovered it was in fact the rear core plug. The only one that is near impossible to reach without taking the engine out. With the clock ticking before our second race, and my position in the championship. We glued a plug in but that leaked, so we put another one on top of it with more glue then hammered some wooden wedges behind it and the backplate. we were still refueling the car as the tannoy called us out to race.

          Because I didn't finish the first race I was placed at the back of the grid. As the lights went out I had a excellent start and had passed several cars before the end of the first straight. I was flying through the pack picking off the cars one by one, the best one overtaking a E type Jaguar at the hairpin where nobody else tries to overtake. I eventually finished 2nd and 2nd in class.

I had secured my second place in the class championship 3 points ahead of my nearest rival John Wreghitt, and several points behind the class winner and overall champion Mike Peters.

           We have one more race left and that is in the Peter Best championship at Snetterton.

As usual I would like to thank my sponsors Revolution Recruitment, BT Tyres, Stanbridge Motors of Rugby and Entune 2000 of Manchester. for their support.



Castle Coombe 13th September 2008

Last Saturday we were racing at Castle Coombe near Chippenham and our notoriety has traveled this far. As I was waiting in the assembly area a man accosted me and said that he knows all about The Alex Lester Show and knows all about the car. He was in fact the race commentator and listens to your show every day on his way to BAE at Bristol.

        He later gave the spectators a full history of you and the car as we were waiting on the start grid.

     But first practice, as well  as the MG Peter Best championship cars we were joined by the cars from the MG Metro cup, this would mean that there would be 40+ cars out there. In a moment of brilliance we thought quick, get to the assembly area early and be the first car out to get a clear lap. Unfortunately everybody else had the same thought and we were in the middle.

     Out we went, I tried to get a clear lap but I was blocked several times by slower cars, there was no major problems though and I qualified 2nd in class and 7th overall about where I expected .

      After a  refuel and check of the car it wasn't long before it was time to race. We were held up for some minutes on the start line whilst they cleared the track and that was when they heard the full story of you and the car.

       As the lights went out I made a fairly good start only dropping a couple of places, it wasn't that the start was bad it was just that a few people were better. I had dropped to 9th but soon I was cutting my way up through the pack By lap two I had made up a place and on lap three I overtook a Mg Metro in a do or die manouvre at Quarry corner and for once it worked, to move me back into 7th place and we had a great battle he was faster than me on the corners but I had greater straight line speed. The only moment of panic was when I was lapping a back marker he forced me off the track.  I don't know how but I survived and lapped several other cars to finish 7th overall and 2nd in class. I think I am now second in class in the championship and there is a chance I will get first in class .

      Our next race is at Croft near Darlington on the 27th and 28th of September.

       If you want to view the Castle Coombe race go to

I appear at the 3 minute 20 seconds mark as a blue and white MGB which fills the screen for the remainder of the clip.

       As usual I would like to thank my sponsors Revolution Recruitment, BT Tyres, Stanbridge Motors of Rugby and Entune 2000 of Manchester. for their support.




Brands Hatch 7th September 2008


This was the first time I had raced here for several years. The last time I was here I was in a big accident when I hit two cars that were spinning in front of me and the front of the car had to be rebuilt. Hopefully this time we will leave in one piece.

      We arrived on a very wet Saturday and you could see the rain clouds coming over the hill looking something out of a horror movie especially when we saw flashes in them, it was only later we discovered it wasn't the end of the world but a firework show.!

      I walked the track Sunday morning and was rewarded by a heavy shower for my efforts, the omens were not looking good.

      Sunday morning was damp and we prepared the car for a wet race but as we were last practice and it was getting drier we changed to dry tyres. Had we made the correct choice?

      I exited the assembly area trying to warm the tyres up in the pit lane which didn't go down too well with the marshals. On to the track and after the first couple of laps I was going well except for the entrance to Surtees which is the entrance to the last corner before the straight. Three times I nearly came off the most embarrassing was after I had just done this brilliant overtaking move on a MGF to make a mess of it and have him nearly rear end me as the car went all over the kerb.

       Race time. I had qualified 6th overall and 3rd in class, I had three cars on slicks  and a higher class and two V8 MGB's in front of me. My only chance was to take out the V8s on the first corner then hope to block them.

      Well that plan did not work. I had a good start and as we went over Paddock hill  bend I was 6th and in close contact with them, and as the laps progressed I attempted one or two overtaking manouvers but they did not work as we started to lap people they managed to get away and I finished 6th overall and 3rd in class.

     Once again  I would like to thank my sponsors

Entune 2000, Revolution Recruitment, BT Tyres, and Stanbridge Motors of Rugby,  who came down to support me.

     We are racing next Saturday 13th September at Castle Coombe near Chippenham, Wiltshire.


Cadwell Park 17th August 2008

We arrived on the Saturday to find that the BSA and Triumph bike clubs were having a meeting and it was great to see and listen to the old bikes in action, these were the bikes that real men used to ride.

It started to rain about 0400 and didn't stop, After we had been in the assembly area for an hour or more, because the track was unsafe with rivers running across it, the organisers eventually decided we could do our practice laps behind the safety car,  all four of them. We would be put in grid order by the organizers which brings up interesting grids.

           In the COCKSHOOT Cup race I was placed 2nd on the grid and in the PETER BEST I was 17th for some reason.

First the Cockshoot race.  As the lights went out I made the worst start in my life as the car just died on me and I dropped back several places, going into the second corner Charlie's I managed to gain a place back and another at Park, by out braking the car in front and nearly myself, By the end of the second lap I was up to third just behind Alan Bates, as we started the third lap I was crawling all over his back bumper trying to pass him, but Cadwell is a hard circuit to find a place to overtake, as the track is narrow and to block someone all you have to do is keep the car in the middle of the track. We were going down the back straight and I was slip streaming him he made a mistake going into Park corner and I out braked him came on the inside, rode over a bit of the kerb and passed him.   I finished in this position and received the first in class award and second place overall.

          We quickly refueled the car and made our way out to the assembly area as we still had two more races. In the first of the Peter Best races I was placed 17th on the grid for some reason, but I had one of my better starts. Instead of trying to be clever, as a I tried in the Cockshoot race, I just dropped the clutch and let the wheels spin and It seemed to work as I made up several places before the first bend and by the end of the first lap I was in 8th place, on lap four I was up to 7th place by another late braking maneuver at Park so much so that I upset the driver and he crashed into another car, I was still behind another MGB who would not let me pass him I was faster but just couldn't find a gap. On lap six we both over took a MGF  and I was lying in 6th position but I couldn't find away pass this MGB and that was how it finished 6th overall and second in class. We had more time now to refuel and check over the car as it had a hard couple of races and as we had a  record for not finishing a few races  this season we gave it a good check over.

As the lights went out on the second of the Peter Best race I managed a good start again and managed to overtake James Walpole before the first corner, I was up to 5th but still behind that MGB he was just blocking me , but I kept the pressure on in the hope that he would make a mistake and on lap three he did as we both entered the gooseneck I feinted a move to the outside he tried to block me but out braked himself shoot across the grass and onto the other side of the track, I took my chance and overtook him on the inside although he was still all over the road and I just missed hitting him by millimeters. I was up to fourth now and I started to attack the third placed car but although I closed on him the race finished before I could get really close. I finished 4th overall and second in class again, and as you can see in the photos I had a grin like a Cheshire Cat.

Our next race is at Brands Hatch on the 7th of September and if I survive that I am at Castle Coombe on the 13th.

Once again  I would like to thank my sponsors

Revolution Recruitment, BT Tyres, Stanbridge Motors of Rugby and Entune 2000  of Bolton.



Oulton Park 2nd August 2008

We were racing ay Oulton Park in Cheshire on the Fosters circuit. This is not my favorite circuit of the three you can drive at Oulton and our main ambition this time was to complete a practice and a race, if we do it will be the first since Silverstone.

      The day started with rain but changed to overcast with just a hint of rain, there was a discussion over which tyres to use and we chose the wet type same as our other tyres but these have some tread on them and are a softer compound. By the time we were ready to practice the track had mainly dried out but the threat of rain was there.

        I was the first car out from the assembly area and was going well until I started to hit traffic  and this slowed me down. It wasn't until the penultimate lap that I was able to record a fast time. I was second on the grid, Mike Peters had pole as usual and Alan Bates my closest rival was third.

     Back in the paddock we changed to our normal tyres and generally checked the car over as we had been using new pads on the front brakes and they were smelling of burning, nothing was found to be wrong, so we waited to race.

     It was quite late in the day when it was our turn to exit the assembly area on our green flag lap. We were put into position waiting for the red lights to go out. The reds went out I dropped the clutch and went nowhere as the tyres just spun, I was forth going into Old Hall and up to third as we entered  Fosters coming up to Druids I was right behind Alan with Mike gone into the distance as we exited Druids I was level with him but not enough to try a move at Lodge.

     Exiting Lodge I just managed to get level as we came past the start line and going into Old hall I had the inside line and kept to it but I had to turn early which I knew would make me run wide and possibly lose the place.

     I exited old Hall on the grass expecting Alan to overtake me but he had followed me onto the grass and spun off into the tyre wall.  The rest of the race was uneventful I tried to catch Mike but it's easier to catch the wind.

We are racing this coming weekend, Sunday 17th at Cadwell Park near Louth, Linconshire in both the Cockshoot cup and Peter Best championships.

       Once again  I would like to thank my sponsors Revolution Recruitment, BT Tyres, Stanbridge Motors of Rugby and Entune 2000  of Bolton.


Anglesey 20th July 2008

We Travelled up on Friday after burning the midnight oil fitting new alternator brackets on Thursday night. Thanks Rick. We arrived in daylight to set up camp and see what we actually eat on the barbecue.

We walked the track it is a beautiful circuit, but it has one problem and that is a lack of markers by the side of the track so that you can judge your braking points.

We had a drivers briefing on the Friday night about cutting corners and all the other drivers looked at me, talk about giving a dog a bad name, besides I haven't been in trouble for a while.

Saturday came overcast threatening rain, the old Welsh saying came to mind, If you can see the hills it's going to rain and if you can't see the hills it's raining. We prepared the rain tyres supplied by BT Tyres but we did not use them as the weather sort of improved.

Time for practice I was the first car to leave the assembly area and I thought that I was doing well , into my third lap it started to rain or so I thought but as I came down the Corkscrew the car started to misfire and I noticed water coming from the bonnet, in a moment of inspiration I concluded that it was not rain, and I was in trouble. I managed to coax it across the finish line so I could qualify, as you have to have done three laps or you start from the pit lane.

The car was stuck in the middle of the track and like a naughty school boy caught with something illegal I tried to sneak away from it but the marshals made me stay with it. I felt like a Victorian convict with a ball and chain

Peter Bramble Anglesey 2008

On return to the paddock we found that the thermostat housing gasket had split under pressure. After two attempts we managed to fix it, we then prepared the car for the racing. Soon it was time to race I had qualified third which was a good surprise after the trouble we had, also the second fastest car had dropped out after trouble with his half shaft. Unfortunately he was on the wrong side of the track as one of my rivals now had a clear run and I was stuck behind the pole car.

The lights went out and I made a good start but not good enough, I was down to third, we went through the first two corners level but I could not get past him as we approached Rocket the lead car locked his brakes the second car spun in front of me, I swerved and just missed himĀ by a gnats whisker, but I couldn't find a gear and I was swamped by the rest of the pack luckily as the track was blocked I found third and pulled away. I was too far behind Mike Peters in the lead car but I was determined to keep second and I had built up a good lead by the time the chequered flag dropped this was helped by the third placed driver spinning.

This was the first race we had finished in the Cockshoot championship in three attempts and we did celebrate that night.

As usual I would like to thank my sponsors:-

Revolution Recruitment, BT Tyres, Stanbridge Motors of Rugby and Entune 2000 of Bolton.


Silverstone 13th -15th June 2008


Here is our report from MG Silverstone,

I arrived there last Thursday on my own as the rest of the team couldn't arrange time off, or didn't want to set up camp, I have my suspicions.

          Friday arrived overcast but dry I had two free practice sessions, both interrupted one with the Cockshoot cup and the other with the Peter BEST Insurance championships. the first practice went well except for a loose alternator bolt.

The second practice was interrupted by several red flags and I didn't get a decent lap in.

Saturday came once again overcast but dry after last years wet race  everybody was praying for the sun.

The qualifying session went well I was one of the first cars away from the assembly area and I was soon past the other cars who were in front of the queue. The track was clear for a few laps and I was able to get a good few laps in before I was lapping slower cars and losing lap  time. Mike Peters invaribly took pole position but I was in second place on the grid two seconds from the next two cars, as long as I had a good start I was hoping these two would keep each other busy and I would be able to pursue Mike.

The car was checked over and refuelled then it was time to race.

This was a grid of nearly forty cars  and I was second on it my plan was to beat Mike from the start and try to keep him behind me, if not hope he made a mistake if I could pressure him. I didn't beat him at the start, but by the first corner I was clear of the chasing pack. I was about a second behind Mike at the end of the first lap, but he was just toying with me and soon left me and I had a lonely race until one and a half laps from the end it all went wrong when the red light came on and the temperature gauge started to climb I tried to coast to the finish but I was forced to retire and with it any hopes in the Cockshoot championship.

On return to the paddock it was discovered that the alternator bolt had sheared off and loosened off the fan belt, causing the engine to overheat.

The alternator was of a new design, but we decided to return to an older design and we were fortunate to be lent one from another competitor, all we had to do was take it from his car. This was fitted and we prepared for our race on Sunday.

Once again it was a dry day thankfully, the quailfing went well although therwe was a lot of traffic on the track, I managed a few clear laps.

I had qualified 7th overall and 4th  in class which I was pleased with as I had 3 V8's , and 3 1.8 K series engined cars in front of me and Mark Burnside in his MGC beside me on the grid.

              I  had a good start but not good enough as Mark beat me to the first corner, by the first lap the eight of us had pulled away from the pack and although I couldn't beat them in straight line speed I could catch them in the corners and on more than one occasion I was level with Mark but not enough to pass him.

             That was how the race ended I finished 8th overall and 5th in class but in some ways it was a victory just to finish the race after two no finishes and I was the fastest 4 cylinder car there with an original engine.

            Our next race is at Angelsey on the 19th of July with the Cockshoot cup.


Oulton Park 17th May 2008

We were racing at the weekend at Oulton Park and it didn't go very well.

I was not happy with the brakes at Mallory park and on checking them I found one of them to be loose. we went to Oulton on Friday ready for Saturday, On changing a tyre it was noticed that the front anti roll bar had broken away from the bodywork. This meant at ten o'clock at night I was phoning a friend to weld it, Toby's mother and girl friend were not amused. But he welded it and we returned back at midnight.

         I was in two races, the Cockshoot Cup and the Peter Best Insurance race. Both practices went well with me 3rd and 2nd on the grids.

First was the Cockshoot race and I had a great start which was unusual for me I was second into the first corner behind Ian Whitt, but by the end of the first lap I was third. I had another MG Midget behind me but I had a clear lead over him. That was until the last lap when we were lapping the slower cars they all seemed to slow me down but let him through. It was the Midget Mafia ganging up on me, as every car that slowed me down was a Midget. One of them moved over at the last minute at the chicane and I was nearly into his boot as I narrowly avoided him.

        On the second to last corner I made a mistake and went wide letting him through.  As we approached  the last corner I was right behind him as he went into the corner I went wide with the plan to overtake him on the outside unfortunately as I drew level he went wide also and with that a wheel touched the grass and I spun off into the tyre wall backwards bounced out and went in front end this time.

         The car is not a pretty sight and could not compete in the second race. At the moment it is being repaired at Entune 2000 in Bolton. The rest of my sponsors Revolution recruitment, BT tyres and Stanbridge Motors have said they are going to support me for the rest of the season. Hopefully we will be racing at MG Silverstone on 13th 14th and15th of June.




Mallory Park 27th April 2008

On Sunday 27th April we travelled a short distance to Mallory Park to race in the Peter Best championship.

The day did not start well, as the petrol station of preferred choice was shut and we had to search for one that was open. On arrival at Mallory we went to our allocated place in the paddock. We were racing with the Aston Martin Owners club and we tried not to drag them too much down market, we unloaded all the stuff we carry and signed on it was time for scrutineering which went through quite painless for once.

      Walking around the paddock we looked at some fabulous cars unfortunately ours wasn't one of the, not compared to the Astons anyway.

        Soon it was time for practice and I was one of the first cars out  It was a busy circuit and I struggled to get a clear lap without hitting traffic the the car was handling well except for Shaws hairpin where the rear just slid out and I couldn't find any grip and I could smell the burning rubber.

        I collected my times and was pleasantly surprised to find my self on pole position, this ruffled a few feathers I can tell you and there were a couple of drivers checking the car to see if they could find anything illegal about it.

         We checked the car over and all was fine except when I was called to the assembly area to race there was no ignition light, we did a quick check but could find nothing wrong. It was too late by then we were racing.

        I was placed next to Dave Brooke in his MGB V8 the problem being in a race he is quicker than me on the straights but I have the advantage in the corners and as such I had to be first into the  first corner. As the red lights went out we both took off together unfortunately he got there before me.and I had to stick to his boot. by the end of the second lap we had pulled away from the pack but I could not get past him and we were running into traffic  with slower cars impeding us,.I put on my headlamps which was a mistake to clear the traffic.

         The car was running well and on some laps I was closer, on others slightly further back.

         Then disaster struck, the engine started to misfire at first I thought it was a problem with the overdrive and I did a lap without using it but  the misfire was getting worst. I had resigned myself to retiring but as I came around the last bend I saw the checkered flag and decided to go for it I floored the throttle but I had lost too much time and I was overtaken on the line.

         I finished forth overall and third in class, we think the problem was the alternator, but I will keep you updated.

         Our next race is on Saturday 17th May at Oulton Park Cheshire.

         Many thanks to our sponsors

ENTUNE 2000,

Revolution Recruitment,

BT Tyres


Stanbridge Motors.


Curborogh sprint meeting 6th April 2008

      I traveled down there on my own because the rest of the crew cried off because it had been snowing, and they didn't expect us to race. I did meet Paul Yates there who had traveled down from Manchester to help.

       The course was like a Christmas card, snow everywhere except luckily the track. Although as I did find out on my first run there was ice out there. I had entered in the road going class but I was moved into the race car class and I was up against fire breathing V8 cars needless to say I had no chance.

       The first two Practice runs went well especially when my tyres stopped spinning and actually found some grip.

      The first practice run was especially exciting as I found where the ice was!

       After lunch it was time for my first timed run this went well my only problem is my brakes as they are designed for racing and are too hard for sprinting as they don't get warm enough, which means every time I brake nothing happens then suddenly they work and the tyres lock up, this looks spectacular but dosen't do the tyres much good or my nerves as I know one day I'm going to go straight on into the field.

          The Second timed run was slightly slower than the first but I had a better start but I was too slow through the chicane. I finished 6th in class but if I had been put into the original clas I would have won it . Overall though It was a good day out even if it was cold.

         Once again thanks to my sponsors ENTUNE 2000, Revolution Recruitment, BT Tyres and Stanbridge Motors.




Donnington Park 24th March 2008

I was racing at Donnington Park yesterday Monday

       Traveling up  the M1 we thought that we would need snow chains as it was snowing heavily, but when we arrived at the circuit  it was snow free but dry.

        As I hadn't raced here for two years, and the last time was one I'd rather forget, I walked the track I don't think it helped.

        The practice went well we were trying out some new tyres and they worked well  although they make the rear slightly loose. I managed to qualify second in class and fourteenth overall. this was because there would be two race championships racing together. We would be racing against the ZR's and the MG ZR's these are the modern cars with something like forty plus years difference in some instances.

         I had a terrible start and lost a few places and going in to the first corner I know how the jam in a jam sandwich feels. After gaining a couple of places back I was still in touch with my class leader but I was also battling with the ZR's to try and keep my place I and one of them tried every thing to pass me I could tell where he was in my mirrors by the dust from where he had gone off track. As usual my main threat in my race was from the MG Midgets and it was like putting your finger in a leaking dam when all you are doing is delaying the inevitable flood. And so it was after some very close dicing I finished forth in class and eighteenth overall.

         In the second race I once again messed up the start  but did not loose any places because a lot of cars went off at the first corner. This race was much closer and I enjoyed it more I had dropped back to third place when the third Midget started to attack me and we had a great race where we swapped places several times, the highlight being on the penultimate lap when he over took me on the last but one corner then we raced to the chicane with him just in front but as we exited the chicane he missed a gear and I was back in front, we entered the last lap and at the same corner he passed me by how I don't know as I made the car as big as a bus, as we approached the chicane for the final time we both tried to out brake each other and he missed the turn, over shot the corner went over the grass and was in difficulty I came level with him as the chequered flag was in view we both held our foot to the floor in the race to the flag but I just flicked into overdrive and beat him over the line by six inches if that. 

       I am sprinting at Curbourough near Lichfield on the 6th April and racing or trying to at Mallory Park on the 27th of April.




Yes it's that time of the year again, We are about to go racing.

    We start on Easter Monday at Donnington Park, I will be involved in two races which I hope goes better than the practice did.

     After the last minute work on Tuesday night  we arrived at Mallory Park nice and early to go testing. The first session was going well on some new tyres when it just died, I managed to coast to the pits . On checking the engine there was no spark the rotor arm was replaced and away we went for ten yards, we then replaced the distributor cap and that got us as far as thirty yards past the pit exit. I then had to watch for 20 minutes car going past my car just waiting for recovery.

      On return to the paddock I sprinted up to the shop outside the track to discover that the owner was at the shop inside the Paddock. He went away to find us a cap and arm, in the meantime the crew had fixed it.

      I went out for the third and last time and near the end I heard a scraping noise which I thought was serious but was only a metal plate from the car falling off.

       After all that excitement we traveled north to Peter Burgess rolling road for a final tune up.  We put it on the rollers and found that the exhaust was fouling the rollers. We had to dismantle the exhaust and bodge up another one to keep the neighbours happy strap it down with Peters 4X4 and I had to sit in the boot to try and keep the tyres in contact with the rollers. Happily we now have the car ready when we refit the exhaust and other thing for Monday.

      Thanks to Paul Tainton, James Darby and Rob Beasly who helped at Mallory and to my sponsors


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