Chairmans Picnic 2008

MGCC Midlands Centre Chairman’s Picnic

31st August 2008


Upton House

MGCC Midlands Centre Chairmanís Picnic Upton House 31st August 2008


Many thanks to all of you who turned out in spite of a less than optimistic weather forecast.  This time it was accurate in terms of weather type, rain, but about 3 hours early by my watch.

We had a grand total of 81 cars with a representaive selection of models from the thirties right up to date. Upton House made us very welcome and I think many of their visitors took genuine pleasure from the display of MGs.

The winner by a clear margin of the car I would most like to take home vote is Ron Warr of Redditch with his delightful blue 1934 PA. This PA is not only pretty but brisk as well, having tailed Ron on  a Somme battlefield visit last year I can vouch for its speed and not just downhill! His choice is a copy of Classic and Sports Car Magazine which will tumble through his letter box for the next 12 months. Well done Ron.

Needless to say Kilsby natter members and their ladies did a super job by turning out in numbers to transport all the bits and pieces, erect the gazebo, pin up all the photos and other interesting MG stuff, put up direction signs, provide rubbish bins,  marshal the car parking and natter to a lot of you during the day.

Thanks also to the Midland Centre folks lead by Chairman John Fry who are helping to make the 75th year a memorable one. 75 years for any organisation is a big milestone and for the Midland Centre shows just how important that well known MG phrase  "The Marque of Friendship" really has been.

Hope you all had a safe and dare I say; dry run home,

Best Regards on behalf of the Kilsby Natter,

Tony Lake.

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